Rules & Responsibilities


Safety is our number one priority. Jummps management and staff will maintain a safe and fun environment, however we need all Jumpers to do their part by:

  1. following instructions from our trained staff;
  2. Complying with the rules; and
  3. jumping within your capability.

Trampolining is an action sport and injuries can occur.  Jumpers need to consider the risks associated with trampolining (as with any action sport) and assess the risk of each activity based on capability. Jummps caters for all skill levels from beginners to professionals and whilst we want our jumpers to have an awesome experience every time, it is important for all jumpers to remain within their capability and skill level to minimise the risk of injury.

All Jumpers are required to wear our approved grip socks which are designed to help maximise grip and safety as well as maintaining a hygienic environment.

Jumps has four main areas:

  1. Parkour
  2. High performance
  3. Dodgeball
  4. Air bag and Walk the Plank

The general rules apply to all areas of Jummps trampoline park. Each section will also have specific rules based on the activity, which will be displayed around the centre. Before entering a section jumpers should familiarise themselves with these rules and responsibilities.

General safety rules

  • Jummps approved socks must be worn in all sections of Jummps trampoline park
  • All jumpers must be a minimum of 3 years of age to enter the equipment
  • Jumpers with casts, splints and hard braces are not permitted to use the equipment
  • Jummps has a maximum weight limit of 100kg to utilise equipment.
  • Only one Jumper per trampoline at all times – double jumping is not permitted
  • Always Jump within your skill level and don’t attempt any activity that is beyond your capability
  • Be aware of other Jumpers and always give way to smaller jumpers
  • Safely land on two feet or your bum when jumping
  • No wrestling or rough play
  • No food or drink allowed within the trampoline activity areas
  • Don’t jump or land on padding
  • Remove all items from your pockets
  • Remove any jewellery and loose items of clothing
  • Never jump whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Air Bag safety rules

  • Don’t jump onto the air bag unless it is clear of other Jumpers
  • Never dive head first onto the air bag
  • Land on your feet, bum or back and bend your knees as you land
  • Exit from the back of the airbag

Walk the Plank safety rules

  • Do not enter Walk the Plank until instructed to do so by Jummps staff
  • Land safely on your bum or back

High Performance Tramp safety rules

  • The Olympic and Super Tramp are high performance trampolines and should only be used by experienced Jumpers
  • Always follow instructions from trained staff monitoring this area
  • Jumpers must be over the age of 7 to access the Pro-Zone.
  • Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level.
  • Only one person on each trampoline at a time.
  • Don’t jump or land on the padding
  • Always land on your feet, bum or back
  • Don’t jump off the Graffiti Wall unless you are highly experienced

The Graffiti Wall safety rules

  • The Graffiti Wall is for highly experienced Jumpers only
  • Always follow instructions from Jummps staff
  • Jumpers must be over 125cm in height
  • Only one jumper permitted on each wall trampoline at any time
  • Ensure no one is on the trampoline bed before jumping off the Graffiti Wall
  • Only stand on top of the wall when you are actively using one of the Olympic trampolines
  • No climbing up the Graffiti Wall

Dodgeball rules

  • One player per trampoline (maximum of 8 players per team)
  • The referee’s decision is final
  • Once out, stand outside the court and wait for the next game

Parkour rules

  • One participant per obstacle at a time
  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • Watch out for other participants to ensure adequate spacing
  • Give way to faster runners

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