Jummps Tumble Classes

A combination or gymnastics, trampolining, wall running, parkour and acro!


Tumble Classes, trampolining, gymnastics, parkour and acro all in one!

Jummps Trampoline Park are have a range of fitness tumbling classes to suit all ages, boys and girls through to adults!

KINDER JUMMPS start from three years of age and teach all the fundamentals of body movement, position, rotation, jumping, limb isolation, strength and flexibility. Held in the mornings Monday to Friday between 9am and 11am while the park has heaps of space for the small group classes. They are a fantastic first movement and skill class for kids and do not require parent involvement, but you are welcome to help if needed.  You will be amazed at the skills, strength and confidence that starts so young!

JUMMPS TUMBLE CLASSES from school age, our beginners, learning forward and backward rolls, safe landings, strength and flexibility using both trampolines, sprung floor, air bag and our support equipment. Classes then proceed to intermediate level with walkovers, forward and back handsprings and round offs through to advanced with somersaults, twisting actions and multiple acrobatic elements on trampoline and floor.

These classes are a fantastic fitness based activity that will improve core strength, confidence and skill levels. Jummps Tumbling program can also be used as a complimentary skill development class for cheer, athletics, sports acrobatics and gymnastics students with access to all of the parks equipment and air bag. Our qualified coaches will assess each child to determine the best class for their needs. Packages are booked for each school term based on training once or twice a week.

Students also get access to great general park rates for them selves and thier families once they join the Jummps Squad.

JUMMP FIT – our latest addition is response to demand from mums and dads who want to get moving and learn some skills along the way. Regain your sense of balance, co-ordination, core strength, flexibility and yes somersaults!! A whole heap of fun and exercise to keep you fit, toned and showing up the kids!!

TEENS – Jummps also has classes for teen age groups. Still learning the basics and with an emphasis on fast paced fitness and friendship. Teen classes can be a great way of getting your young lady or gent moving without the pressure of a competative environment.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY CAMPS Jummps also a many great programs running the the holidays from tumble classes, to full active day care and even sleep overs.  Flyers will be released below a few weeks before each school holiday break.

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in contact shortly.


    Below you can download the Tumble Class timetable and skills sheets, students need to be able to complete all skills on the class skill sheet before moving to the next level above.

    All bookings must be made directly with the park on 07 5571 5138 and registration forms completed.

    Every school holidays, Jummps runs active day camps where kids get to wear themselves out with games in Jummps, a swim at Rackleys pool next door. Mini golf or Top Golf Swing suites up and Parkwood and a host of other fun activities. All school age children welcome, bring the neighbours, cousins or school friends or come and make some new ones. 


    School Holiday Active Day Camp

    Day Camp $96

    These school holidays Jummps is hosting an active day program including Jummps trampoline park, outdoor games, mini golf or top golf, a swim at Rackleys & much more. All meals are provided and all school age children are welcome. Come and get the kids up and moving with a fantastic active day camp. Great value and fully supervised, book with a friend or come and make some new ones. Jummps holiday program is guaranteed to get the kids sweaty & smiling without a screen insight!!