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Trampoline Therapy for Autism

Children of all ages love the freedom, fun and challenge of a trampoline park and its colourful, engaging setting. However for many children with Autism, Hyper sensory awareness and anxiety disorders, processing the often noisy and busy setting is overwhelming and even terrifying. 


Jummps prides itself in being Autism friendly with helpful trained staff, free access for carers to accompany jumpers and a variety of NDIS funding private and group activities.

Occupational Therapist Jessica Gray

Jummps Occupational Therapist Jessica Gray

Jummps is pleased to welcome Jessica Gray, a dedicated Occupational Therapist with a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. With three years of experience in the field, coupled with a six-year background as a support worker, Jessica has developed a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working with diverse disabilities, including autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, and many others. 

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Jummps NDIS Coaching
Jummps NDIS Coaching Star Jump

Emotional Regulation in new environments

Children with autism experience increased stress levels when external sensory inputs become too much to process. The body has some amazing natural ways of dealing with these stresses that are stimulated by trampolining and exercise.

The body’s organic reaction to the sensation of jumping and weightlessness is the release of Endorphines, natures own painkiller. With a structure similar to Morphine and tremendously powerful, they are the body’s reaction to coping with pain, anxiety and stress helping generate a feeling of wellness and energy.

Serotonin levels are also boosted with regular exercise such as trampoline jumping. It is the primary chemical responsible for regulating our moods, calming anxiety and reducing negative feelings in our bodies. Healthy Serotonin levels are linked to better sleep patterns which help to reduce self-critical and worthless feelings, lethargy & depression. Get some happy feelings circulating with fantastic Jummps exercise.

A third, all natural super boost is Dopamine which assists the brain process the body’s movements and interactions. Dopamine is the body’s own reward system that activates feelings of pleasure, helping to motivate children to intentionally perform certain behaviours and activities. That great big smile and “Wohoo, I did it” when new skills are achieved is tremendously valuable to a child’s self-worth and pride with a flood of Dopamine confirming physically to the child the positive result. It is also crucial in helping memory retention for following simple and complex instructions.

Adrenaline!! Jumping on a trampoline releases this natural stimulus gives a high that leaves the body alert and primed for action. More oxygen is pushed through the body and the heart rate increases allowing a push for stamina, strength and muscle tone development. All of these amazing chemicals are produced simply by jumping on a trampoline. A natural and safe regulation response to help reduce the peaks and troughs of daily activity and behaviour patterns. Confidence will improve which helps children cope with everyday pressures and improve their own self validation.

Improve Behaviour and Social Interactions

Jummps is a wonderful new environment for ASD children, many whom come with assumed predispositions in regards to their poor behaviour, low attention spans, undeveloped social skills and physical restrictions. We love to see children leave many of these behaviours by the wayside in our big, padded and friendly environment. Fun, safe and encouraging training allows a strong bond with each child’s coach allowing them to experience and engage in their surroundings at a pace that is comfortable and supported. The independent acknowledgement of social and safety rules in the park are encouraged and championed allowing children the confidence in the boundaries of their behaviour and what is acceptable risk. Displaying empathy and building meaningful relationships with both peers and other children is embedded into the training with supervised interactions to help students navigate the park and all its occupants!

Maladaptive tendencies are the negative reactions displayed by children facing stress whether it be from a particular surface texture, heights, new skills, nearby people or new environments as a whole. Stiming excessively, reducing expressive communication, flight, unspecified fears, “mock injuries” and even angry outbursts all form techniques that children use to avoid particular situations. By encouraging them to identify, vocalise or signal their discomfort, the children are then supported to develop a plan to navigate the crises calmly and praised highly for enacting their behaviour control and regulation.   

Common Age Appropriate Activities

Trampolining gives children on the spectrum a wonderful mechanism to initiate conversations with other youngsters and peers. Identifying common skills, favourite zones or games and speaking proudly about their coach and lessons helps children feel knowledgeable and confident while engaging with others. In particular when other sporting opportunities may not be available to them.

Jummps provides an amazing complimentary physical activity for Autistic children within a defined, stable and positive environment. Jumping and gymnastics movements help develop gross motor skills, stamina, limb control, joint strength, balance and assists with healthy weight management. Basics such as jumping, hopping, rolls, rotations and supporting their body weight through to cartwheels, flips and parkour demonstrating forethought and planning for specific events and outcomes.

Trampolining covers both cardiovascular and strength development and if you’ve ever done 10 minutes on a tramp you know the physical output required. Autistic children love channelling their energy into up and down movements so a trampoline is a natural adaptation of that desire to move. While other repetitive behaviours can be detrimental or even destructive, jumping is fun, safe and a great energy outlet.

Jummps NDIS Coaching Hand Eye Coordination
Jummps NDIS Coaching Strength Work
Jummps NDIS Coaching Assisted Steps

NDIS Funding & Jummps Trampoline Park

The National Disability Insurance Scheme assists families with diagnosed Autistic children to access services inline with their goals and funded plans. Jummps is an unregistered provider for NDIS services and private or group skills training may qualify for your child to use their NDIS funding for. As each plan is as unique as the child, please complete the email form below for your youngster and we will get in contact shortly to provide you information about the best suited services, pricing and availability specifically for you.

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